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The "Engineering Institute of Technology" (EIT) is a private college operating globally. Founded in 2008, with headquarters in Perth, Australia.[2] EIT offers vocational and higher education. EIT is also a designated Higher Education Provider within Australia and is regulated by Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency.

Mission & Vision:
The EIT Governance Board leads and guides EIT in the establishment, development, management and maintenance of the strategies and corporate governing policies. It delegates decision-making authority to the managers and academic governing bodies. The EIT Academic Board provides guidance to the EIT Governance Board on the setting and maintenance of academic standards within EIT.

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Why study in Australia

Australia provides a unique kind of education and a learning style that encourages you to be innovative, creative and think independently. Australia attracts the third largest number of international students in the English-speaking world after the USA and UK. In some countries Australia is the students' first choice study destination. Australia offers an education experience that makes a real difference. Graduates from Australia are very successful in finding jobs and hold prominent positions worldwide.

Usually there are no other entrance exams to VET institutions. However some courses may have certain pre-requisite subjects or demonstrated work experience. Entry requirements can vary between schools throughout Australia. Academic performance and ability is taken into consideration during the selection process.

The Australian Government allows people who are not Australian citizens or Australian permanent residents to study in Australia. Anyone who is not an Australian resident may apply to study in Australia. You must obtain a student visa before you can commence a course of study in Australia.

Graduates from Australian higher education institutions enjoy a wide range of career options. They gain entry to traditional careers in business and finance, law and management, as well as emerging careers in information technology, sport and recreation, environmental and land management, hospitality and tourism and many more.