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Budapest university was established in 2000, with state accreditation. Education at Metropolitan began in 2001 with 126 students in the Communication and Business Communication field. The number of students studying at Metropolitan increases above 7,000.

Mission & Vision:
Our university provides graduates with a wide-range of competitive knowledge, skills and competencies to make them fit for the Hungarian and international labour market. Our education is based on innovative methods that are delivered by our academic staff with international experience in an inspiring / innovative educational and research environment.

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Frequently Ask Questions


What are the languages of instruction in Hungary for foreign students?

The programmes are offered in English language.

Yes, you can. Most of the universities offer institutional language exams for the applicants who do not have any international language certificate. Candidates who pass this internal language exam can study directly from the first year, but the ones who fail this exam have to study 1-2 semesters in preparation year or foundation programme of the university.

International students who want to stay in Hungary for more than 90 consecutive days and who are not EU citizens are required to apply for a long-term student visa to stay in the country. Visa Fee is 60 EURO. The visa processing time usually takes 3 weeks’ time.

Compared to the rest of Western Europe, tuition fees in Hungary are very affordable. Tuition fees vary depending on school and program. Often medicine and dentistry are among the more expensive options with tuition fees around €20,000 while other less specialized programs can be as low as €4,500. In addition to paying tuition fees, students at Hungarian universities are also required to pay an application fee, exam fee and registration fee, each between €100 and €150.

Living costs in Hungary are comparatively low to other European countries. Students in Hungary should be able to live with approximately €750 per month, allowing enough for not only rent, but also for public transport, health insurance, study materials and a few nights out on the town.